Floyd Mayweather replies to criticism on the lack of fans at his exhibition match

Floyd Mayweather has retaliated against those who have criticised the turnout for his exhibition comeback. 

Money returned to the boxing ring on Saturday night. 

His most recent fights had a similar premise, and this one was an exhibition rather than a match between professionals. 

Additionally, Aaron Chalmers, a former MMA fighter, was his opponent, another rather inexperienced boxer. 

The crowd was sparsely populated with fans, which is the sole drawback.

The legend described in the press conference: "We completed this in one month, which is less than four weeks.'' 

''I believe that the ticket sales should have started much sooner. My new crew is still getting its bearings. They are not at blame.''

''Just like when we fight in the US, tickets go on sale as soon as the bout is announced. Here, the battle was announced, but the sale of tickets didn't start until a week or two later.''



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