Floyd Mayweather Refuses to Sign a Kid’s Glove at Hall of Fame Ceremony Over This Reason

The former five-weight division champ Floyd Mayweather gets inducted into the International Boxing Hall Of Fame.

After retiring from sports, this is the most recognized, prestigious honor a pugilist could accomplish. 

During this ceremony, ‘The Best Ever’ also shared a few moments with his fans.

Meanwhile, the undefeated ex-champ came across a young fan. And in a surprising turn of events, he refused to sign the fans glove.

After the event, ‘Money’ Mayweather greeted his fans. He took some pictures with them and gave them autographs.

While doing this, a small kid in a red cap approached Mayweather with a red glove and pen.

When Mayweather saw that glove, he recognized that it was not a kid’s glove, so he refused to sign it by saying, “Whose glove? Go get, whose gloves that is. Tell come here.”

A man from behind replied, “Mine, this is my son.” This made Mayweather laugh.

Mayweather belongs to the class of 2021 inductees. It was COVID that prevented IBHOF from organizing this ceremony for 2 years.