Floyd Mayweather receives a special challenge from Oscar De La Hoya

Except from Floyd Mayweather, hardly many athletes have matched the 'Golden Boy' in every facet of the sport. 

The two boxers, who once squared off in the ring, were the faces of boxing for their generation. 

Although Mayweather's victory, many believed the bout between the two heavyweights was quite close.

Recent dialogue with FightHype The 50-year-old promoter was recently asked by FightHype TV if having Mayweather on his side would help "Tank" against Garcia.

De La Hoya concurred with the reporter, but added that Garcia may benefit from his support as well. 

The two erstwhile adversaries may now serve as the cornerstone for their protégés, who will also compete in April, he then proposed.

Oh yes, that's exactly how I'm going to help Ryan Garcia. You are aware of Geroge Davis' potential benefit from Mayweather. De La Hoya said, "Let's go.''