Floyd Mayweather Openly Admits Love for $70 Billion Franchise

Star Wars is a well-known film series that everyone from the late 20th century is familiar with, and most sci-fi lovers adored the entire series.

Even now, the series continues to introduce new products. 

Floyd Mayweather Jr., a boxing legend, does not stand out among the series' large fan base.

In a recent Instagram Story photo, he expressed his admiration for the franchise.

The VFX technology for many upcoming movies was altered as a result, making it the biggest phenomenon in film history.

Floyd Mayweather was attempting to subtly express his affection for the Star Wars film series.

Floyd Mayweather continues by sharing another image of one of his favourite television shows. 

Bo Jackson's Nike Air Trainer SC High "Auburn" shoes were gleaming on Floyd Mayweather's feet in his most recent Instagram Story as he was sporting his DSG's Run jacket and shorts.

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