Floyd Mayweather may get Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury rematch called off

A rematch between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury has to be put on hold as Jake Paul plans to fight Floyd Mayweather 

Paul said that he plans to trigger his rematch clause after his defeat to Fury in Saudi Arabia back in February.

"I think we deserve that rematch. All respect to Tommy, he won. "Don't judge me by my wins, judge me by my losses."

Fury accepted the challenge, replying that he will do his best to "come back bigger and better and stronger"

Yet, YouTuber Keemstar has revealed that Paul now has other plans in his mind, as he wants to face Mayweather

"My sources are telling me Jake Paul is planning this in this order:

Jake Paul vs Floyd Mayweather, Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury 2, Jake Paul vs KSI," Keemstar tweeted.

Tyson Fury wants Tag team match with Tommy Fury against Jake and Logan Paul

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