Floyd Mayweather Goes Watch and Jewelry Shopping Following $60 Million Payday

Floyd Mayweather’s love for jewelry and watches is common knowledge to the boxing community and millions of his fans.

He has successfully established himself as one of the most influential figures in combat sports and continues to go strong years after officially taking retirement from the game.

‘Money’ fought his last on May 21 against former sparring partner Don Moore in Abu Dhabi. With a stellar performance, Mayweather, 45, impressed his fans.

Reportedly, he made 80% of the PPV share of the estimated $60 million purses from the event. Well, how do you think he is spending his part of the purse?

Avi & Co. recently uploaded a post on their Instagram page and shared exactly how one of the greatest defensive fighters in boxing

enjoys spending his purse on jewelry and expensive watches after a comeback to the sport.

In the caption, they wrote,  “The best to do it worldwide 💸 | @floydmayweather.” 

Floyd Mayweather and jewelry are both inseparable. Gold not only represents Mayweather’s success in the field but also his effectiveness and power.

Well, what do you think about Mayweather spending his earnings so lavishly on jewelry and expensive watches?