Floyd Mayweather earned $5 Million in One Month From Sports Betting

When it comes to making money, there are very few like Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the world. And not just for fact in all his years as a professional boxer.

In fact, that reason is the main reason for him to reach the fortune he has. The pay-per-views, as well as special events, such as the fight against Conor McGregor, made his pockets deep.

Virtually everything Mayweather does will make him money and his personal earnings will increase.

The American fighter also has other methods, a bit riskier than others because of the investment involved.

It is sports betting, a way that he has as a tradition and that has generated him a lot of money throughout his life.

The Daily Mail reports Mayweather's earnings, or part thereof, since he got into the world of sports betting. The newspaper indicates that, betting on college basketball, his earnings are 75 thousand dollars.

In the NFL he has a record, as he has made $5 Million in just one month. This was between September and October 2014.

In NBA and boxing, a sport he is not unfamiliar with, he earned a little more than $800,000 in just four days.

But not everything is profit, betting has a risk and Mayweather has lost a lot of money. The newspaper itself says that he has lost approximately $50 million.