Floyd Mayweather claims Logan Paul has requested a rematch

Floyd Mayweather claims that a member of Logan Paul's team has approached him about an exhibition rematch.

Last year, the boxing veteran faced YouTube personality Paul in an eight-round exhibition match, which Paul won despite going the distance.

Both Mayweather and Paul have had heated exchanges subsequently, with Paul claiming that he has yet to be paid a portion of his £15 million pay from the event.

Mayweather has accused Paul of "clout chasing" and believes the YouTube star is trying to use his name.

"Someone from his team who actually put the exhibition on who I was working with reached out and said that Logan Paul wanted to do another exhibition and this is the same guy that said he didn't get paid," Mayweather said at the press conference to announce his latest exhibition in Japan.

"You guys have to watch these guys that are clout-chasing by using the Floyd Mayweather name. I am not sure exactly who reached out but this is coming from the same guy who said he didn't get paid."

The initial exhibition between the pair last June generated huge interest with the event selling around one-million pay-per-views around the world.

Paul has previously claimed he would never rekindle any rivalry with the boxing legend following their last bout, but is planning to return to the boxing ring in the future.

He recently posted a message on social media to Mayweather on the one-year anniversary of their bout, writing on Instagram : "One year ago today, I fought Moyd Fayweather. He’s hard to hit, but even harder to collect money from. Who should I fight next?" Mayweather has since gone on to fight former sparring partner Don Moore in a lucrative exhibition that was staged in the Middle East.