Floyd Mayweather Bumps Into Amir Khan Ahead Of Don Moore Exhibition Atop Burj Al Arab

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is all set for his upcoming bout with Don Moore. The fight has already generated a great deal of buzz, and all eyes are on it now.

In the midst of this, ‘Money’ meets someone from his past before his big match, and it is all over social media.

TBE ran into Amir Khan, recently in Dubai. Although Mayweather and Khan were adversaries, a fight between them never materialized.

The two boxers now appear to be delighted to have met. Amir Khan even posted a video on Twitter, where the two are seen enjoying a good chat.

 Amir Khan started, “I just bumped into a champion. What’s going on, come on, what’s happening?” Mayweather replies, “What’s going on Amir?”

Their exchange seems to be all grins and laughter, with their hands on each other’s shoulders indicating brotherhood.

The exhibition bout will take place atop the helipad of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. May 14 is going to be an exciting day as the audience will witness a clash between the two legends.

Surprisingly, both the boxers were in their heyday during the same time period. But it never came down to the two warriors fighting in the ring.

Floyd Mayweather has an excellent resume, with a record of 50-0. Therefore, seeing him back in the ring is surely going to be a treat for the fans.