‘Floyd Is Broke’: Fans React to Latest Floyd Mayweather News

Floyd Mayweather is set to make his return to boxing after his exhibition match against sparring partner Don Moore at the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi. Moreover,  it is reported that he will return to Japan for his next exhibition bout in the coming months.

It was revealed by a press release that ‘Money’ will schedule a press conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he will announce the details and opponent for his fight.

Boxing analyst Michael Benson came out on Twitter and tweeted a statement saying that Mayweather will be making his return and will travel back to Japan to work with Japanese promotion RIZIN

Moreover, he also stated that this would be the second time Mayweather would travel for a fight in Japan after knocking out Japanese fighter Tenshin Nasukawa back in 2018.

The fans were not shy about sharing their thoughts on Twitter and quickly came out with their response, mostly speculating about Mayweather’s financial status. One fan tweeted, “Floyd is broke as duck what happened to all those investment “

And another tweeted, “50 cent is right Floyd is broke, and he hasn’t paid Logan Paul his money back”; accusing Mayweather of not paying Logan Paul’s share from their fight.

However, there were also many fans who came to Mayweather’s defense saying that he is only earning more to add to his wealth as a fan tweeted, “He’s literally just stacking his money… he’s getting paid millions for going on holiday and having a spar. 100% sure he’s not even training for a fight.”

Mayweather has gotten the nickname ‘Money’ for a reason; he has been known throughout his career to make the most amount of money possible from fights; moreover, he currently has a net worth of $450 million, making him one of the richest boxers in the world.

But Mayweather has faced some issues regarding his financial status as there have been claims by YouTube Star Logan Paul that Mayweather has not yet paid him for the fight; furthermore, the decision to travel to Japan for a fight at 44 only adds to the speculation.