‘Feel Like I Pissed Off A Lot Of People’: Ed Sheeran On Games Of Thrones Cameo



Games of Thrones always attracts controversy and opinion of its fans. When Ed Sheeran was seen in first episode of Season 7 of Games of Thrones, then also it attracted criticism.

HBO’s magnum opus GOT had a successful eight-season run and it still has fans across the globe, who are now waiting for House Of The Dragon.

Ed Sheeran Cameo In GOT

Ed Sheeran Cameo In GOT

Ed Sheeran Cameo In GOT

Ed was seen sharing screen space with Massie Williams Arya Stark. We see him as a Lannister soldier who is singing a folklore while the soldiers are chilling in the forest. The cameo after it was spoiled by Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark became much awaited.

But the reaction to his cameo weren't so welcoming. I feel like people reaction to it sort of muddied my joy to it,

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