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Fans Want Blackpink’s Jennie In Money Heist Adaptation After She Receives Customized Jumpsuit

BLACKPINK’s soaring fame has once again piqued the interest of internet users. Netflix sent BLACKPINK’s Jennie a unique Money Heist box filled with goodies.

Companies have offered their staff a day off to relax and watch the recently televised seasons of Money Heist, one of the most popular television shows of the year. Jennie, a K-Pop musician, took to Instagram stories on December 17 to express her gratitude and delight after receiving her very own personalised gift, praising the big production business for the captivating gift. She wrote:

“Omg my heart dropped! @netflix Thank you so much for this insane gift!”

She was also discouraged by the fact that the Netflix series was drawing to a close. The idol’s reaction suggested that he or she is a rabid admirer of the show. She stated, “Still so sad about the show ending”.

Netflix stuffed Jennie’s gift box with the company’s distinctive mask and costume. It also featured unique Money Heist currency with the idol’s image stamped on it, as well as a gory red ring box in the centre. Overwhelmed, BLACKPINK’s Jennie shared her gift by unwrapping it on an Instagram story.

BLINKS, a group of BLACKPINK fans, came to Twitter to express their surprise and hint at Netflix for casting Jennie as a character in the show. Some fans didn’t even know the show existed until they learned that their idols watched it religiously. Take a look at Jennie’s influence:

Wouldn’t that be fantastic to see Jennie rocking a red suit? The serial Money Heist is set in Madrid, where a mysterious guy known as the Professor gathers a gang of eight people, who use city names as aliases, and embarks on an elaborate scheme that entails breaking into the Royal Mint of Spain, stealing €984 million, and fleeing with it.

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