Trisha Paytas Is Being Slammed. Here's Why

By Christy Mathew

The episode which has been talked about the most before its release from Mom’s Basement Podcast has finally been released.  It predictably had its co-hosts, Keemstar and FaZe Banks but they were talking about Ethan Klein from the H3H3 podcast.

People who know all about Trisha, already know that they were also going to be a part of the podcast. They had a feud with the former co-host of their Frenemies podcast, Ethan as well. 

So you can guess what happened in Mom’s Basement podcast if Trisha chose to be in it. Ethan and Trisha had abruptly ended their podcast series after they fought on the last episode of the show.

After Trisha was called out on the podcast, Twitter and Ethan expressed their disappointment.

As heard in the podcast, Trisha had maintained her sense of ease on the episode. Keemstar mentioned that he would love to have a conversation with Ethan but he would never agree. FaZe interrupted him stating he won’t do it “in a million years because Ethan is a p—y”.

Keemstar added that the H3 podcast co-host will not put himself in a situation where he knows he is going to lose. He said this was the reason why the last episode of Frenemies never aired. Trisha agreed with Keem and talked about their experience hosting Frenemies. 

Twitter was unimpressed with the “explosive episode”. Many users felt that the episode was not up to the hype and did not reveal anything new. Users asked where is Trisha confronting Keemstar about his 20-year-old girlfriend. Ethan has not commented on the released podcast.

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