Fans Outraged Over Rumours Of YG Delaying BLACKPINK’s Comeback For Other Group

Written By

Christy R Mathew

On Twitter earlier today (January 11), there were several trending hashtags connected to the fact that BLACKPINK hasn’t released new music in a long time. 

BLACKPINK comeback now and Stop delaying BLACKPINK are currently trending at No. 1 on the global trending list.

When BLACKPINK’s comeback schedules as a group are still unknown, supporters use these hashtags to express their dissatisfaction. A rumour from an industry insider, in particular, surfaced, further infuriating supporters.

According to rumours, YG will continue to postpone BLACKPINK’s comeback in order to focus on the debut of their forthcoming rookie girl group.

BLACKPINK has not made a reappearance since the release of “Lovesick Girls” in October 2020.

Many financial sources previously stated that BLACKPINK would return at the end of 2021, but it is already January 2022, and the group has yet to release a new single.

Despite the fact that BLACKPINK does not have a collaborative album, Rosé and Lisa will release two individual debut albums in 2021, On The Ground and LALISA.

Jennie and Jisoo were both working on their own projects. It can be seen that YG encouraged individual activities for BLACKPINK members in the year 2021. As a result, supporters are looking forward to the group’s early return in 2022.