Fans laughs after seeing Ryan Garcia demonstrate his boxing skills while being blindfold

On April 22, rising boxing star Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis, will square off in the ring to settle their long-running feud.

This highly anticipated bout has received such a strong buildup that the entire stadium has already been sold. 

The boxing community is expecting a lot from this battle because it is unusual for two unbeaten fighters to agree to risk everything at this stage of their careers.

The boxers are as enthusiastic as the spectators. They are doing everything possible to make it a historic battle.

Since their rivalry began, the 25-year-old Garcia has come off as being more eager for this battle.

If Davis loses, the contract he signed includes a rematch provision. 

This indicates that Garcia must face Davis again under the terms of his contract, even if Garcia prevails.

  If Davis prevails, he will be released from his contractual obligation to face Garcia again. 



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