Fans Begin Countdown For Lucifer Season 6: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

It’s the final countdown for the final season of Netflix Original Lucifer.

The series has been a massive hit among viewers and it’s sixth (final) season is set to release in a few weeks.

While Lucifer was originally expected to end after season 5, the love and support from the fans kept it alive

When Netflix announced an end to the Lucifer series after season 5, petitions and hashtags went wild requesting a renewal for one more season of Lucifer.

Lucifer Season 6 is going to release globally on September 10, 2021, as per Netflix.

Earlier TV Line had said that the final season of Lucifer will have just six episodes

But later on the clarification arrived that fans will be getting a ten-episode treat from the final season makers of Lucifer.

The names of the episodes are out as well. Have a look at the COMPLETE STORY by CLICKING HERE.