Have You Seen Dylan O'Brien's New Look?

Written by Christy Mathew

Dylan O’Brien has sent fans into a frenzy after he revealed his latest new blonde look for his upcoming venture, Not Okay. He had joined the cast of the comedy movie to play the character of Colin.

On August 17th, the film’s official social media account revealed the actor’s new look on TikTok. This came after a fan requested for blonde Dylan. The comment read, “Please please please show us blonde Dylan i need need need to see.” 

The video sees the actor in a makeup chair with Reese Witherspoon’s iconic line from Legally Blonde. The video shows Dylan’s blonde look after Reese says “blonde”. He is seen with shorter length blonde hair and hands full of tattoos. The caption read that fans asked and they delivered and introduced his character, Colin.

Another separate shot of the actor was shared on the official page of the Not Okay Instagram page. The image went viral after release and sent fans into a frenzy. 

Dylan had risen to fame in Teen Wolf after playing the role of Stiles Stilinski. He gained more popularity after portraying Thomas in the Maze Runner film trilogy.

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