Why Are Fans Freaking Out About Corpse Husband Playing Horror Games?

Corpse Husband’s latest skills have proved fans right. Another Corpse Husband stream with Sykkuno, Ludwig and the OfflineTV crew has confirmed the already known theory. The faceless streamer is the best psycho killer in popular Twitch horror games like Friday the 13th, Dead by Daylight and more.

There are various reasons behind the faceless singer and YouTuber’s shot to fame in 2020. However, the main factor has always been his voice and it’s the voice that helped him gain 7.6 million YouTube subscribers. Recently, Corpse and his voice even made their Twitch debut.

This led to his already huge followed channel to over a million followers in just 24 hours. It also enabled a huge 74k viewership during his surprising eight-hour-long stream last week. His voice also adds up to him being the perfect Twitch psycho killer when he is playing horror games.

Corpse plays the killer often and during his recent Friday the 13th stream, his voice took over the whole stream. At one point, the influencer even leaned on his iconic song after catching Fuslie.

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“Choke me like you hate me, but you love me…” he mumbled as his character, Jason, eliminated the 100 Thieves star, turning the terrifying mood up to eleven. Later in the game, Corpse was stalking Ludwig who was hiding under a bed. It became, even more, scarier when he said, “You’re running out of breath… I’m running out of patience.”

His fans loved the influencer’s turn into a Twitch killer; as many suggested his voice was the highlight of the games as well. A user said they have never been more excited and terrified in their life while others claimed they were “actually scared”.