Christy Mathew

Fans Are Loving Coldplay's Chris Martin Interviewing BTS

ARMY were thrilled to be a part of the Permission to Dance Shprts Challenge as they wanted to show their dance moves. From dancers to normal fans, everyone participated and a compilation of the set is going to release today.

However, before that BTS had sat down with Coldplay's Chris Martin for an interview for Youtube's Released. This has only added fuel to the speculation of a collaboration between the two.

Few months ago, fans noticed few leaks which suggested that BTS will collborate with Coldplay. This collaboration is allegedly set to appear on Coldplay's new album.

There were many spoilers from BTS and Coldplay so it might be true. And it in no way helps that Chris was interviewing BTS for Youtube. However, before the collab, fans found the interview extremely wholesome and heartwarming,

BTS discussed the Permission to Dance Shorts challenge and what is the meaning behind it. They also reacted to certain ARMY's reasons to participate in the challenges. The K-Pop group revealed that they wanted to give a positive message and energy in these times.

RM explained that like the song, nobody needs permission to dance and even non-dancers can dance and enjoy the challenge. Chris confided in the group as he said he was not the best interviewer and that he respected BTS. 

The group assured him that he was the best and Chris was also saying he cannot dance. But BTS hyped him up and said that they love how he moves on stage.

J-Hope talked about the importance of having unity and togetherness with fans and explained that even when its just them, there is a lot of encouragement and inspiration,