Famous K-Drama ‘Hospital Playlist’ Not To Return For Season 3 On Netflix

The South Korean Netflix Original drama ‘Hospital Playlist’ is one of the best performing Kdramas on the planet.

Hospital Playlist is ranked in the Top 8 of the highest rated cable dramas in the history of South Korea.

The K-Drama Hospital Playlist is directed by Shin Won Ho and written by Lee Woo Jung.

The tvN series ran for two seasons that included 24 brilliant masterpiece episodes. However, the show almost certainly will not be coming back for another season.

The show was made with just two seasons in mind so there is very less scope for a third season making its way to our screens.

Hospital Playlist seems to have been completed in a nice fashion and there is no extension to the story in sight.

The last episodes of Hospital Playlist Season 2 was emotional and filled with heartfelt drama as the band practices one last time.