Fake Post Has BTS Fans Questioning The Harassment Bangladeshi ARMY Are Facing

By: christy mathew

Despite the fact that BTS, the global K-pop group, has fans all over the world; they and their supporters are nevertheless marginalised and criticised owing to racist and sexist attitudes that still exist. 

Despite their enormous popularity, BTS is still teased for being “girly” or “gay,”; and racist statements such as “Chinese” or “all Asians look the same” are made. 

Fans are mocked for listening to and liking BTS; but on November 19, a Bangladeshi ARMY post sent Twitter into a frenzy. On Twitter, a BTS fan from Bangladesh said that she was being harassed by guys because she liked BTS. She claimed that she was once carrying a BTS backpack when a man became violent with her and threatened to rape her. Fans and non-fans alike immediately tried to assist her by offering advice, sending resources, and sympathising with her.

This caused other Bangladeshi ARMY to speak out about their own experiences with men harassing fans for enjoying BTS; and how this was a common occurrence. Unfortunately, the assertion made by the OP (original poster) turned out to be false; leaving followers to doubt the whole thing.

Following BTS fans’ requests that OP goes to the police and report the incident, she announced on Twitter that the man had been detained; accompanied by photos of the scene. Some fans, however, recognised that the images were actually screenshots from a crime drama called ‘Taalash’.

The film was posted on YouTube ten months ago, and OP acquired her photos from there. As a result, some fans began to use the hashtag ‘I trust BTS and BTS only,’ indicating that they did not trust any of the other Bangladeshi fans who had spoken up.

The majority of the ARMY, on the other hand, continues to support Bangladeshi supporters. Many people were startled when some of the men who harassed and intimidated the Bangladeshi fans gleefully shot films and publicised them on social media. Fans stated that while it was unfortunate that OP lied to get followers; they couldn’t ignore what the other Bangladeshi ARMY had said about the country’s horrific situation.