ETH Whale Buys 662 Billion Shiba Inu Worth $5.2M, Shib Now Top Holding Of ETH Whales

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has surpassed FTX Token (FTT) to become the largest holding among the top 500 whales, with the mysterious SHIB Whale amassing a whopping $5.28 million in Shiba Inu.

The 17th biggest cryptocurrency in the world in terms of the market cap also manages to make it into the top 10 purchased tokens list in the past 24 hours.

In the last 48 hours, the mysterious SHIB Whale added a massive 662.34 Billion in canine-themed cryptocurrency to its cache.

During the current massive selloff in the global crypto market, Shiba Inu managed to steal the show from FTX Token.

The popular canine-themed cryptocurrency now become the top held position by dollar value among the top 500 Ethereum (ETH) whales, as per WhaleStats.

The largest ETH whale now owns more than $459.60 million in SHIB tokens.

The development comes after the mysterious whale gobbled up a whopping 662,345,021,738 (662B) SHIB, worth $5,283,139 ($5.28M) in six separate transactions during the past 48 hours.

The mysterious whale becomes active once the widespread selloff in the global crypto market intensified and Shiba Inu falls below its critical support level located at $0.0000095 on the daily chart.

This significant accumulation from the mysterious Whale has also helped Shiba Inu to make it to the list of top 10 purchased tokens by the 100 biggest ETH whales in the last 24 hours, WhaleStats reports.