Eternals Actor Kumail Nanjiani On His Difficult Transformation In Welcome To Chippendales

Actors have to do a lot of hard work to transform themselves into a  character and it’s no easy job. One of the Marvel actors shared his  experience getting in the character of his new upcoming series on Hulu.

Kumail Nanjiani, who played the role of Kingo in ETERNALS is going to star in a new Hulu series named “Welcome to Chippendales”.  Yesterday Hulu shared some first-look pictures of the series, it showed  Kumail Nanjiani in a very different role than he had played before

Hulu’s synopsis reads, ” An Indian immigrant who became the unlikely  founder of the world’s greatest male stripping empire and let nothing  stand in his way in the process.”

Kumail spoke about the difficulties he faced while transforming himself  for the role he says, ” I started having this back pain a few months  into the shoot, this gnarly knot. It got worse and worse and the pain  would go from there all the way up to my ear.”

Adding to this conversation he spoke about how this was his first time  doing this kind of work, also putting emphasis on how the body doesn’t  understand being sad in real life and in a scene

Also, he had to maintain a work-life balance to reduce the mental and physical strain.

He shared how he went to his colleagues for help, ” I talked to the cast  a lot about approaching specific scenes, specific emotions, how to turn  things off, how to snap in and how to snap out.”

He considered the role in welcome to Chippendales as the most challenging job he has ever done.