Episode 1 And 2 Of Hawkeye Will Premiere On Disney+ On The Same Day

According to the show’s latest trailer, Marvel’s upcoming Hawkeye series will premiere on Disney+ in November with a two-episode premiere.

So far, the MCU’s Disney+ series has been the mainstay of Phase 4, with WandaVision and Loki, in particular, adding significant depth to the MCU mythology and earning critical and popular praise.

Hawkeye’s first two episodes will be released on Disney+ at the same time when it premieres on November 24,

Because the series is only six episodes long, the Hawkeye finale will air just a few days before Christmas.

That’s a lovely way to kick off the holiday season for MCU fans.

Hawkeye has been clearly positioned as a holiday special in all marketing materials, which is a fun change for the MCU.

That doesn’t rule out the possibility that the show will have a massive effect on MCU Phase 4 in general.