Elton John to enter NFT game with a fundraising auction

In his maiden step into the NFT realm, Elton John has teamed with augmented reality (AR) game-world Jadu and NFT platform and marketplace Sweet.

The musician has teamed up with Jadu and Sweet to auction off a one-of-a-kind Rocket Man Jadu Hoverboard NFT and to issue a set of access tokens that allow fans to unlock future fan experiences as part of the Rocket NFT Club.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation will get 100% of the revenues.

Commenting, Elton John said: “Whilst I’m no metaverse expert (!) I wanted to make sure that my first NFT was something true to me, and collaborating with LGBTQ+ artist Voxel Bunny and Jadu on something so unique which benefits the Elton John AIDS Foundation for Pride month, was the perfect opportunity.

“Web3 has the potential to bring people from across the world together like never before and I’m excited for the opportunities to connect with my fans in a vibrant and growing community.”

Released in the run up to NFT.NYC as well as during Pride, the Jadu Hoverboard auction began on Monday 20 June and will close on Wednesday 22 June at 6pm EST.

The Rocket Man Hoverboard is the rarest of the 6,666 things in the Jadu Hoverboard collection, which is structured around virtual objects owned by its users and utilises web3 avatars in gaming.

It has been designed by Voxel Bunny, who built Jadu’s jetpacks and hoverboards, and references a keyboard pinball machine.

Paying tribute to Elton John “Pinball Wizard” Video from 1975, it is built inside the chassis supported by classic Elton John features including star glasses, piano keys and the actual musical notes from “Rocket Man”.