Elon Musk Wants Twitter To Be Like TikTok

Elon Musk made his first appearance at an all-hands gathering of Twitter employees on Thursday, his first since launching his bid to purchase the business.

Musk, who appeared on his phone from what appeared to be a hotel room, commented on his aspirations for the firm if his acquisition goes through.

And while Musk continued to frame the purchase through a lens of “free speech” (he reaffirmed that he thinks users should be allowed to say “pretty outrageous things,” according to Bloomberg), he also revealed a bit more detail about a Twitter product under his ownership, and it’s a model that would look familiar to Hollywood.

Specifically, Musk suggested that Twitter’s future is tied to the larger “creator economy,” with transactions taking place on the platform and users being fed content that is interesting.

For the first time, Musk said that advertising will continue to be an important revenue stream for Twitter alongside any potential subscription, per Bloomberg.

There had been questions about his commitment to advertising, and multiple attendees of Twitter’s Newfront presentation last month said that the event left them uncertain where the company would stand on ads moving forward.

He also praised TikTok for keeping users “entertained” and emphasized that he wanted to make sure the network didn’t become “boring” for users, per The New York Times.