Elon Musk Does Not Want To Be The CEO of Twitter

Speaking at the #QatarEconomicForum, the tesla ceo said "I would drive the product, which is what I do at SpaceX and Tesla. Whether I am called the CEO or something else is much less important."

Musk says he would focus on “driving the product” at Twitter but doesn’t necessarily plan to be the CEO.

When asked "Will buying @Twitter get @elonmusk in trouble with China?" Musk replied "I don't think there is going to be an issue... my aspiration for Twitter or the digital town square would be that it is as inclusive as possible"

About his twitter deal Musk said there are unresolved matters over Twitter deal

Musk also revealed that he is currently undecided on supporting Donald Trump at next election

"I feel that the longer he drags out the bot argument, the more he is convincing himself (and presumably investors) that he signed on for a bad deal with regards to Twitter. Maybe I’m off but that just feels like where this is headed." - a reporter present at the event.

Musk reportedly declined to say with any real conviction that the deal is definitely going through.

Musk also said that he hopes to show people a prototype of the humanoid robot by the end of September, when Tesla has its next AI Day.