Ed Sheeran talks about writing songs for BTS

With BTS’s ever-increasing fame, and the group’s impact only seeming to  grow by the day, working with the South Korean boys would appear to be a  difficult task.

Ed Sheeran, a Grammy-winning English singer-songwriter, has become  highly familiar with the trio, having been recognized on two of their  tracks.

When asked if he “wrote K-pop” for BTS on ‘Make It Right’ and now ‘Permission to Dance,’ Ed Sheeran said it  was a “big deal” to win his fourth Billboard No. 1 with the latter.

He expressed his desire to collaborate with a variety of artists in establishing himself as a songwriter.

Ed Sheeran also made a distinction between the songs he chooses for  himself and those he chooses for other artists, one of which being  ‘Permission to Dance.’

He described it as a “fun, pop song” that BTS fans like above his own, who may not like it.

Peakboy recently responded to a fan’s question regarding the music by saying ‘Ing,’ which means “work in progress.”