Drew Barrymore took a walk down memory lane on Thursday with a photo which brought all her fans back to the nineties.

The star sizzled with short hair and wearing a silk minidress which her social media followers instantly remembered.

In the image posted on Instagram, Drew was partying and throwing her hands up in the air.

She looked carefree and happy and she captioned it: "When you make it to Thursday (Friday Jr.)#tbt."

Her fans loved it and wrote: "Ray of light energy," and another urged: "Plz share your old pics, more."

Others admitted it made them feel old seeing the image, but also adored the reminder of "the good old days".

Drew is kick-starting the new year with a bang and is determined to put her wellbeing high on her list of priorities.

Ahead of the holidays, she made a confession with a lengthy Instagram message which many of her fans could relate to.

Alongside a photo of her scales with a post-it note which read, "say something kind to yourself," she gave a detailed account of what she has been going through.

"The point of wellness to me is the mental," the mom-of-two wrote: "I am exhausted from work. I don't care what the number says!