Draymond Green was never an offensive force by any means, but the Golden State Warriors big man was more involved in his team's offense before making sure everything works fine for the Dubs.

During the 2022 NBA Finals, however, Draymond has been a shell of himself.

The former Defensive Player of the Year is trying to find his touch on both ends of the court, but things haven't clicked for them so far.

In the duality of the Warriors, Stephen Curry had a terrific night with 43 points, while Draymond couldn't do anything good and was benched in the 4th quarter.

He revealed he felt frustrated with that situation, but was still able to come back and make some good plays.

Yet, not everybody was happy with his performance against the Celtics.

Many fans tried to find an answer to what was going on with the veteran, but nobody knew what happened, not even his mom.

Green’s mom, Mary Babers-Green, was watching the game on Friday night while commenting on social media.

"Please ppl stop asking me what’s wrong with Dray… I DONT KNOW! Maybe this is a CLONE! Lmbo WHERE IS THE Draymond that helped get us here!! Hmmmm I have never seen this either!"

In the end, Stephen Curry took over and led his team to a much-needed win that recovered the home-court advantage to the Dubs.