The Warriors just won their fourth title in the last seven years with their latest Finals victory coming against the Celtics.

Defeating the Eastern Conference juggernauts in six games, the Golden State Warriors showed their championship pedigree in the series.

Although they were 2-1 down at one point, the trio of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green prevailed, winning three games in a row to close out the series.

Kendrick Perkins, who won a championship with Boston back in 2008, was all aboard the Celtics hype train in the playoffs.

The 37-year-old even earlier this season claimed that the Warriors wouldn't win a single title in the next four years as well.

After Stephen Curry called out the former Celtics' big man, 2017 DPOY, Draymond Green also didn't mince his words.

In a post-game press conference, Green commented on Perkins not staying true to his takes.

"You got fools like Kendrick Perkins dressing like a clown come up here in a jail suit. And then you leave The game early tonight. Stand on your word, brother."

"All of these people talking about basketball that don't know basketball and so what do you do? You chase controversy….."

"We don't have to try to build a guy up for a week to tear them down next week so I got something to talk about"