Dr Disrespect Participated In Multiplayer Preview Event Of Halo Infinite – Key Takeaways

Dr Disrespect has given us all a great insight into the upcoming Halo Infinite game which is rumored to release in December.

Since Halo Infinite was announced in August 2021, Dr Disrespect has been one of the few streamers to keenly follow the progress of the game.

After being ‘worried’ about the game initially, he felt reassured when he learnt through ‘insider sources’ that Halo Infinite will have a battle royal mode.

More recently, Dr Disrespect took part in the multiplayer preview event of Halo Infinite and has got a lot to say about the game.

Dr Disrespect played Halo Infinite for several hours and said that the game ‘feels good’.

However, there is one thing that made him feel ‘empty’ while playing the game.