Do You Know What It Means When Kanye West Wants To Officially Change His Name To ‘Ye’?

Kanye West, the Grammy Award-winning rapper, only wants to be known as ‘Ye.’ He has applied to the court to have his name legally changed.

According to the Los Angeles Superior Court filing, the 44-year-old wants to change his entire name to his long-time two-letter nickname, Ye, with no middle or last name, according to the Associated Press.

West, who has gone by the name Ye on social media for years, tweeted in 2018 that he requested the change, writing, “the being formally known as Kanye West.” “My initials are YE.”

If you’re wondering why he wants to change his name, he says it’s for “personal reasons.” However, before he can alter his name from Kanye Omari West to ‘Ye,’ a judge must authorise the change.

So, what exactly does Ye indicate? The moniker was also the title of his 2018 album, in addition to being his nickname for years.

Kanye has previously stated that, in addition to being a shortening of his first name that he enjoys, it is a word found throughout the Bible.

“‘Ye,’ I believe, is the most frequently used word in the Bible, and it means ‘you.’ So I’m you, we’re us, and it’s us. It evolved from Kanye, which means “only one,” to simply Ye, which is a reflection of our good, bad, confused, and everything “He’d told Big Boy on the radio.