Andrew Tate Gets Real on Hiba Abouk Seeking Financial Aid from PSG footballer Amidst Rape Charges

The recent divorce of Achraf Hakimi with his wife Hiba Abouk is making headlines and controversial personality Andrew Tate has chimed in on the matter

According to reports, Abouk filed for divorce from Hakimi and demanded half of his property.

However, she was informed by the court that Hakimi owns nothing

as all his property is registered under his mother’s name.

Hakimi apparently has no property, cars, houses, jewelry, or even clothes in his name. Whenever he needs anything, he reportedly asks his mother, who purchases it for him.

Tate, known for his outspoken and controversial opinions, tweeted “My G” in reference to Hakimi

Tate suggested that Abouk’s request for financial aid from Hakimi was inappropriate

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