With his backboard-breaking dunks and his incredible scoring skills, Shaq, back in his prime, was one of the best players in the league.

Drafted by the Orlando Magic, Shaq found himself in probably a perfect situation.

Surrounded by decent enough role players and a young prodigy in Penny Hardaway joining the side in 1993, the Magic looked like they were building something special.

But after a Finals appearance and 4 seasons later, Shaq, who was a free agent, joined the Los Angeles Lakers in a shocking move back then.

The move made the most sense for Shaq, who was joining one of the most prestigious organizations in the Lakers and signed the most lucrative deal at the time, $120 million for 7 years

This kind of deal was unheard of at the time and some of the superstars did not think that O'Neal was worth the money. One of them was Bulls legend, Dennis Rodman.

According to Basketball Network, Rodman wasn't the biggest fan of the investment and he certainly didn't mince his words "If I were an NBA owner, I wouldn't give this guy $120 million."

Shaq understandably wasn't the biggest fan of the comment. In an interview, Shaq clapped back at the 5-time NBA champion

"It's funny when a guy like Dennis Rodman was with a lesser team he didn't talk as much but when he got behind Jordan and Pippen and they do all the work and he does less work he runs his mouth."

"He knows he wants to say something he can say it to me. He never says it to me on the court, never."