Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors have done it once again. They have been crowned the champions of the NBA for the fourth time in the last eight seasons

Although the Dubs have earlier won three rings, this one will hold a special place in the hearts of the players and fans.

During that time period, almost everyone wrote off the Warriors from ever reaching the NBA Finals, let alone winning one.

Obviously, at this special moment in Steph's career, his father and mother were present in the stadium.

It's not surprising to see parents be available for their children's accomplishments, but it's a bit harder for them when they are going through a divorce.

Fortunately, both Dell and Sonya seem to have put their differences aside for tonight and just wanted to be there for their son.

After Curry won the fourth title of his career, both Dell and Sonya jubilantly celebrated this win in amazing ways.

The only thing that most fans held against Steph's legacy in the NBA was the absence of the NBA Finals MVP award.

Following a sensational run in the finals, that is no longer the case. Curry has won the first NBA Finals MVP award of his career this season.

Looking at how well he has played this season, it won't be a surprise if he can win at least another championship and a Finals MVP in his career.