DC Show Are Featured On A Peacemaker Billboard In Times Square

A billboard in Times Square is showcasing fan tweets about the DC show as promotion for Peacemaker ramps up ahead of its January 13 release on HBO Max.

The Suicide Squad, directed by James Gunn, may not have been the box office smash that Warner Bros./DC Films had hoped for, but it was positively received by those who saw it.

This is owing to the film’s cast of wacky DCEU characters, which includes Harley Quinn, Polka-Dot Man, King Shark, and, of course, John Cena’s “douchey” Captain America, Christopher Smith/Peacemaker.

Peacemaker, a Suicide Squad spinoff series, was written and directed by Gunn, who saw the titular character’s untapped talent from the start.

Peacemaker on HBO’s official Twitter account. Max recently uploaded a video of the show’s billboard in Times Square, which is displaying fan tweets in one of the world’s most desirable advertising locations.

The message encourages readers to react to the series’ most recent trailer so that they, too, maybe featured.

Peacemaker is building up to be WB/most DC’s exciting event, and it might be the start of the DCEU’s MCU-like success on streaming.

It’s already creating a lot of buzzes online, thanks to the latest red band teaser showing the show’s villains and Gunn’s regular teases on social media.

In Peacemaker, Cena will be joined by co-stars Steve Agee (as prison warden John Economos) and Jennifer Holland (as Amanda Waller’s aide Emilia Harcourt) from The Suicide Squad