David Dobrik Says He Is Putting His House Up ‘For Sale’ After PewDiePie Roasted It

PewDiePie reacted to the house tours of famous YouTubers a few months ago which included David Dobrik's home as well.

The counter-reaction from David Dobrik seems to have arrived now!

PewDiePie is one of the elites on YouTube when it comes to hilarious reaction videos.

PewDiePie had called Dobrik a ‘sociopath’ in his reaction video.

PewDiePie even said that ‘David Dobrik lacked an actual personality and it was evident in the exterior of his house.

David Dobrik: “He’s saying my house doesn’t have personality? That’s unreal. This is some of the worst news I’ve received all day.

David Dobrik: Natalie and I will talk about this. We’re gonna move. We’re putting the house up for sale!”

David Dobrik was definitely joking but he certainly did not take PewDiePie’s reaction lightly.