New Los Angeles Lakers head coach Darvin Ham isn’t messing around.

LA hired him for a reason — over all the other qualified candidates that were in the mix — and it is clear that the 48-year-old is ready to stamp his authority on the team early on.

Ham spoke about the three factors that he believes will be integral to his team’s success this coming season. The Lakers coach already has a clear vision in his mind and he has been vocal about it

"Competitiveness. togetherness, and accountability," Ham told Malika Andrews of ESPN. "That’s going to be our mantra: competitiveness, togetherness, and accountability."

"That toughness everyone has been throwing around attached to my name, well that’s just being competitive. Being competitive you’ve got to be tough-minded, you have to be tough physically."

"Togetherness — it’s a team sport. We can’t have each other be out on an island…”

The Lakers shot-caller had a special message for LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook with regard to being held accountable

"Accountability, when we set this standard, we watch film, I have to be able to get on LeBron, get on Russ, get on AD, just like when I’m ready to get on Austin Reaves and Stanley Johnsons and the like."

"It’s that accountability top to bottom, even as coaches, holding myself accountable," Ham said

It sounds like Ham isn’t going to give any special treatment to his players, not even to LeBron James.