Daniel Cormier concerned for Nate Diaz in Jake Paul fight

Daniel Cormier is concerned about Nate Diaz fighting Jake Paul in the boxing ring 

Nate Diaz and Jake Paul are all set to face each other in the boxing ring in Dallas, Texas on 5th August 

Nate Diaz would be debuting his boxing career with this fight 

Discussing the matchup on his YouTube channel, Cormier outlined a few dangers that Diaz should consider when he enters the ring with Jake Paul

“I believe this will be the biggest payday of Nate Diaz’s career and I know Nate has made a lot of money in the UFC,” Cormier said.

“With that being said though, I don’t know how much I like the fight based on two things: Jake’s big for him. Jake’s going to be big for Diaz. And Jake also is improving as a boxer

but Jake can also hit Nate, and that’s the worry. Nate is a guy that does get hit because Nate’s tough.

Nate’s has got to set a high pace early, and he’s got to keep that pace going the entirety of the fight and he has got to stay away from the right hand.”

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