Conor McGregor’s Insulting Reaction To Kamaru Usman News On His Birthday Draws Flak

The pound-for-pound greatest mixed martial artist, Kamaru Usman, has been out of the octagon for a long time. The welterweight champion is currently dealing with an injured hand, that has put him out of the loop.

The mixed martial artist finally broke his silence and offered an update about the state of his injury. It is being reported that some major complications have elongated the recovery time. As Usman stated that he is unsure when he will be able to return to the octagon.

This update attracted a response from Conor McGregor, who didn’t fail to continue his attack on the 170 lbs champion. Usman stated that his injured hand isn’t healing at the rate he had predicted.

This has caused his return to be delayed, and he is unsure when he might be able to make a full recovery. The Notorious one is also recuperating from an injury of his own, but still decided to take a shot at Usman.

McGregor’s reaction to this news did not sit well with the fans as the MMA community turned on the Irish mixed martial artist. This fan reminded McGregor how his last bout had gone, by dubbing him as,’ Mr Docta stoppage’. 2021 saw McGregor losing back-to-back rematches and left him with an injured leg.

Meanwhile, fans of McGregor also jumped on the thread to defend the UFC star. One fan stated that the Irishman is already back on his feet after suffering a career-threatening injury, while Usman is still unfit.

Other fans implied that the UFC star should take up Jake Paul’s offer and step into the boxing ring again. He is currently going through a bad patch, and this fight might put him back on track.

Another fan reminded him of his previous loss suffered at the hands of his arch-nemesis, Khabib Nurmagomedov. The duo never got the chance to run it back, and Nurmagomedov retired with an unblemished career.