Conor McGregor Joins Elite List of Athletes as He Challenges Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan in Endorsement Earnings

Conor McGregor has become the face of MMA and has taken UFC and MMA to a whole new level since his debut.

McGregor's adventures in the ring have had an impact on his bank balance and net worth.

With a lifetime earning of $615 million, McGregor has made it to the 33rd spot on the list of the highest-earning sportsmen of all time.

McGregor's rise to financial success can be attributed to his success in the octagon and business ventures outside of the sport.

The list of the 50 highest-paid athletes of all time is an illustrious one with big names like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Floyd Mayweather occupying the top spots.

McGregor's net worth pales in comparison to the likes of Jordan and Woods, but it is still a remarkable achievement given that he has only been a professional fighter for a little over a decade.

McGregor recently shared his story on Instagram and expressed his desire to work for the top spot.

McGregor's popularity and success in the sport have opened up several business opportunities for him, including his whiskey brand Proper No. Twelve.

McGregor's return to the UFC after a hiatus in 2020 was highly anticipated, and he faced off against Dustin Poirier in a trilogy fight. However, he suffered a loss due to a leg injury in the first round.