Conor McGregor compares Tony Ferguson's squashed face with chicken nugget after KO

McGregor watched as Ferguson was brutally knocked out by Michael Chandler in their lightweight fight at UFC 274

Conor McGregor wasted no time in trolling Tony Ferguson after the UFC star was brutally knocked out.

Ferguson was left facedown on the canvas after taking a front kick to his chin in the second round of his lightweight clash with Michael Chandler at UFC 274.

He was taken to hospital but later released after a CT scan came back clear.

And McGregor, who previously shared a management company with Ferguson, took to social media to compare Ferguson's squashed face with a chicken nugget.

Ferguson had previously branded McGregor "McNuggets" after he pair teased a fight throughout their careers in the UFC.

And the Irishman quickly moved to mock the star, tweeting: "Tony had some great nuggets in the media build up. Then he got punt kicked to the chin and got turned into a nugget himself.

That’s crazy." He later posted a picture of Ferguson from the fight with the caption: "If you pulled that out of a McDonald’s bag you’d dip it in sauce and eat without a moments thought. No doubt. That would pass as a legitimate McDonald's chicken nugget. That’s crazy!"

McGregor and Ferguson have had a strained relationship since the latter left Paradigm Management. Ferguson last week hit out at fighters who he claims receive preferential treatment from UFC president Dana White, leading to McGregor responding on social media.