Conor McGregor boldly declares "100 fights" in response to retirement suggestion

Conor McGregor is not considering retirement from the UFC despite suggestions that he should retire after his recent injury.

McGregor plans to have another 100 fights in his career, indicating his determination to continue competing at the highest level.

He will have the opportunity to make a comeback in the UFC's latest series of The Ultimate Fighter, where he will face Michael Chandler.

McGregor is looking to breathe new life into his career after a torrid run of form, which saw him lose three out of his last four fights.

McGregor has already won titles at both featherweight and lightweight, which has cemented his place in history as one of the greatest fighters of all time.

Despite his recent setback, McGregor is in full training and feels he is better than ever after taking some time away from the sport.

McGregor is hoping for consistency in his future fights, as he has had to deal with several setbacks due to fight politics, injuries, and life events.

He is excited about the potential bouts he could have, with some rivalries and opponents in other divisions that are considered the best.

McGregor is confident that he can show his skill level and that there is a higher difference in skill level between him and his opponents.