Conor Benn is unwilling to accept WBC's egg justification for the false positive drug report

Conor Benn rejects the WBC's justification for why he tested positive the previous year.

The biggest test of "The Destroyer's" career would be his battle against Chris Eubank Jr. in October. 

As a result of Benn's positive Clomifene test during fight week, the contest was abandoned.

He was promptly suspended as a consequence. Clomifene is frequently used to conceal previous steroid use, and in 2016 Jon Jones tested positive for it. 

For those who closely followed the "Bones" case, he was exonerated of wrongdoing since he consumed contaminated supplements.

The welterweight contender highlighted his new WBC approval during a conversation with Piers Morgan. 

Benn asserted, "I reject them [the eggs].'' 

One of their experts is presently working with two cyclists who have tested positive for traces of Clomifene, and they can demonstrate that the drug is in the eggs and embryos.



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