By christy mathew


Common has shared details about his next album which will be the follow up of last year’s EP, A Beautiful Revolution Pt. 1.

The rapper’s new album, A Beautiful Revolution Pt. 2 will release on September 10. Fans can pre-order his record. Common had revealed in a statement that the album was made to include a much-needed positivity in the world.

Common added that it was created with hope and inspiration in mind. The rapper further explained that the spirit of the album was to imitate what a greater day would sound and feel like. 

He said, “We were in the midst of some tough political and socially challenging times. There was still hurt, anger and pain lingering, so I was thinking, ‘what is the next step in this revolution?’’

Common further shared that he thought about what being still in such times had brought him. 

He said it was peace beyond his understanding, a greater love for self, and a closer connection to God. Not only that but he also felt more appreciation for his family, friends and simple things in life.

Common will premiere ‘When We Move’, a new single off the album today (August 19) on The Tonight Show alongside The Roots’ Black Thought.

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