In an interview with Fite TV’s Fite in Focus, AEW TNT Champion Cody Rhodes was asked about what he sees for AEW going into 2022.

While AEW President Tony Khan has already declared 2021 the best year in AEW history, Cody Rhodes believes 2022 will be even better for the promotion.

“2022, I think it’s easy to say it will be AEW’s best year yet,” Rhodes said

“We are moving into our next phase of our relationship with FITE, our relationship with WarnerMedia. New talent is coming in, contracts coming up.

All that crazy stuff you hear about makes for a really good wrestling television. Wrestling is best when it could be as real as it could be. As real as you could make it, at least.”

Cody Rhodes also took the time to put over some of the younger talents in AEW.

He further explained the mix of new talent, young talent, and AEW’s original talent is what should lead to his prediction of AEW’s great 2022 coming to fruition.

“It’s also wonderful to see,” Rhodes said. “Tony, I think, calls them the new face of AEW, kind of a new generation.

He talks about these new free agents, which is a wonderful dichotomy from the OGs, from the original.

And that also creates great wrestling and great stories, to mix and match those characters and dip those toes into different sets of water.