Darvin Ham will be tasked with getting the Lakers  back on track after a campaign that saw them finish with a 33-49 record, which wasn't even good enough to land a spot in the play-in game.

In an interview with ESPN,  he was asked about his philosophy of coaching.  To which Ham replied: “Competitiveness. Togetherness and Accountability.”

"That's going to be our mantra - competitiveness, togetherness, and accountability. That toughness everyone has been throwing around attached to my name well that's just being 

competitive. Being competitive you have to be tough-minded, you have to be tough physically."

Darvin Ham further stated, "Togetherness, it's a team sport. We can't have each other be out on an island. A spread hand is weaker than a closed fist, when your fist is closed that means those five are together."

Explaining the last word , the new Lakers coach said, "And Accountability, when we set this standard, we watch film, I have to be able to get on LeBron, get on Russ, get on AD, just like when I’m 

ready to get on Austin Reaves and Stanley Johnson and the like. It’s that accountability top to bottom, even as coaches, holding myself accountable.... that competitiveness, that 

togetherness and that accountability, I think you look at any championship organization regardless of the sport, you are going to find those 3 ingredients."

If Ham can successfully implement his philosophy on this team, then they might just get somewhere next season and if they do, he is going to be the toast of the town.