Cloudflare Error Takes Down Multiple Websites, "500 Internal Server Error"

A temporary outage at Cloudflare, a renowned CDN provider for many businesses, brought down many websites around the world earlier today, rendering many of them entirely unreachable to the general public.

These included websites like Discord, Canva, Streamyard and even the official website for London-based startup Nothing.

Cloudflare quickly acknowledged the outage via a tweet, and announced soon after that it was working on a fix.

Many websites including Canva, Streamyard and the Nothing website are now working after being briefly down.

Cloudflare said on Tuesday it resolved a “wide-spread” outage earlier in the day that affected a large number of services including FTX, Discord, Omegle, DoorDash, Crunchyroll, NordVPN and Feedly.

The internet infrastructure firm resolved the issue roughly an hour after users began facing issues accessing some popular sites including Zerodha,, news outlet Register, Groww, Buffer, iSpirt, Upstox and Social Blade.

The company, which faced a similar outage in some parts of the world last week, didn’t disclose what caused the issue.