Christian Bale Unaware Of The Term “MCU” Says, “I had to ask what that was”

The Dark Knight makes a shocking revelation on how he didn’t know what MCU is before he joined in as Gorr!!

With Thor: Love & Thunder releasing next month, we got to see a lot  of new behind the scene images and got to know some interesting  information about the actors.

Christian Bale, who plays Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love &  Thunder also revealed how he had no slight idea about the term MCU and  he had to ask what the term MCU really is.

In a recent interview with Total Film, he was asked whether he had any  plans to play any other comic book character to which he said that  “Absolutely not, no.”

He talked about how fans were excited about his entrance to MCU whereas  he had no clue why people were that hyped about just a casting.

He says, ” People would go, ‘Oh look at this! He’s entered the MCU!’ and  I’d go, ‘I’ve done what? I haven’t entered shit, thank you very much.  I’m like, ‘The MCU? I had to ask what that was.”

In the interview he also further discussed about his character “Gorr” he  said that he did have the primary idea of what his character was but to  Google the character was his biggest mistake.

Then he got to know that the Comic Book Gorr use to wear G string all  the time. But the idea of G string was canceled by Director Taika  Waititi.

Thor: Love & Thunder releases on July 8th, 2022.